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Olive oil Lake Garda Italy
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Hotel Casa Barca
Via Panoramica, 15 37018 Malcesine (Verona)
Lake garda Italy
tel 0039 045 7400842 Fax 0039 045 6570763 - Call with Skype
Hotel Casabarca in Tripadvisor

Hotel Casabarca in Tripadvisor

Olive oil

Malcesine is proud of its precious olive oil, produced from olive groves cultivated in a Mediterranean oasis, situated between the foggy Po Valley and the eternal glaciers of the Alps. The thermal action produced by the waters of the lake has made it possible to cultivate olives since the earliest times of the Roman, and perhaps the Etruscan colonists, and even today the centuries-old trees continue to give their precious fruit.

The slow maturation of the olives permits the production of an oil of superior quality, rich in vitamin A, D and E, which has an unmistakeable taste and an extremely reduced level of acidity, of 0,50 on the average. When it has just been pressed, it is a golden green colour, due to the effect of the chlorophyll. It later assumes warmer tones of colour upon maturation.

In addition to being a delicate and light dressing to use on salads and vegetables, pasta, soups, meat and fish, or simply on bread alone, olive oil must also be taken into consideration for its universally recognised properties as a veritable medicine.
Regular consumption of exclusively raw olive oil is extremely beneficial to the human organism and is in fact advised for the prevention of cardiopathic ailments, attenuates the effects produced by the action of free radicals and reduces the percentage of so-called "bad" cholesterol. l.d.l.