A dream on Lake Garda, a historical village suspended between the gentle shores of the lake and the wonderful backdrop of Monte Baldo.

Welcome to Malcesine

Malcesine: a dream on Lake Garda, a historical village suspended between the gentle shores of the lake and the wonderful backdrop of Monte Baldo.


Malcesine is a medieval village, surrounded by nature and teeming with history and life.

Its history comes to light in the details of the buildings, in the views that open up in the alleys, in the merlons of Castello Scaligero’s surrounding walls. Life pulsates among the chatter in the squares, the colourful boats moored in the harbour, the smiles exchanged in the shops and bars.

Moving inland, the landscape of Malcesine is etched by the green of the olive trees and Monte Baldo. Towards Lake Garda, the crystal blue of Italy’s largest lake dominates.

Malcesine is positioned right on the lake’s rocky shore. The symbol of this enchanting village is Castello Scaligero: the ancient fortress standing on a rocky outcrop, overlooking the lake.

We recommend you visit Malcesine’s Castle: the view from the tower or from the courtyard of Rivellino is unmissable!

Lake Garda

Lake Garda is a tourist destination with a lot to offer: relaxation, nature, sport, culture and wellness.
A treasure trove of good living: Garda is known for beautiful scenery, stunning landscapes and culinary delights.

Lake Garda benefits from a microclimate that means particularly mild and pleasant temperatures all year round.

Garda is Italy’s largest lake. It is not far from the Alps and Central Europe, and yet here you sense a typically Mediterranean atmosphere.

Bike paths, beaches, lakefront walks: whatever your idea of a holiday is, in Malcesine you will have the chance to turn it into reality.

Monte Baldo

Monte Baldo embraces Malcesine until it dives into the crystal-clear waters of Lake Garda.

There is a huge difference in altitude, in a matter of kilometres, separating the populated area on the lake shore from the mountain that protects it.

Monte Baldo’s cable car goes from the centre of Malcesine to the top, passing in just a few minutes from 90 metres above sea level to an altitude of 1760 metres. Baldo’s highest point is 2218 m.

Baldo’s panoramic cable car has rotating cabins, which allow you to enjoy views of the entire area. The view extends across Lake Garda, the roofs of Malcesine and the Alps. An experience worth trying!

To avoid the queues at the cable car, buy your tickets at Reception.

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