Affiliated Golf Clubs
Wellness Hotel Casa Barca

Franciacorta Golf Club

The Franciacorta Golf Club is a 27-hole golf course located in the beautiful region of Franciacorta, in the province of Brescia. The course is surrounded by nature and offers a breathtaking panoramic view of the surrounding hills, between vineyards and woods.

Arzaga Golf Club

Arzaga Golf Club is a golf course located in the beautiful region of Lake Garda, between Brescia and Verona. The course offers a technical and challenging route, winding through the surrounding hills, between woods and green meadows.

Gardagolf Golf Club

Experience the stunning golf courses at Franciacorta and Arzaga, affiliated with Wellness Hotel Casa Barca, offering striking views and challenging gameplay. 

The golf course was designed by the English architect Cotton, who was able to enhance the natural terrain to the fullest, creating a technical and varied route. The course is immersed in a charming landscape, with a view of the surrounding hills and the blue lake.